Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You've Got Mail (and cruddy insurance)

Got the Whooper yesterday... 9 page radiation oncology bill *puke* Gotta love how even though I've beyond met my $2000 out-of-pocket max for the year, the bill is still $1k:) Insurance charged me a co-pay ($25) each time I had a radiation treatment (28), each time I saw the doc (at least once a week), each time I had an XRay (weekly) and add in a few cups to pee in and respective labs. Our insurance just ROCKS so even though I've met the out-of-pocket max, they can still charge co-pays. I've also met $50,000 of my lifetime max-never thought that'd happen by the age 27!! And amazingly, somehow, I still have $7 left to meet my deductible.... how does THAT happen?!?!


  1. That sucks!! Maybe this is all going to change if Obama has his way.

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  3. Talk to the hospital girl. I usually wait for the 2nd bill to come around b/c they sometimes change it. And, I know with mercy after my 6 months of 10.00 payments they just wrote our bill off. NW hasn't been that nice. They like to send you to their account services.

    Good luck! If you need any help/ideas on this... you know I know whats up with this stuff!!!!

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