Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AWESOME Blessings!!!

Just gotta give a shout to God for all these awesome blessings:

  • meals being delivered to my family M-F through the end of August!!! 91 meals coordinated in under 24 hours~ Thank you God for working beautiful miracles through your amazing Kelly!!
  • there is not a single piece of dirty laundry in my house other than the clothes on our backs-and even more amazing it has all been put up (my poor lil laundry baskets aren't sure what to do with themselves!!), every dish has been washed and put away, and my babies have been fed and are taking an afternoon nap~ my mama ROCKS!!!
  • every single time I check my email, there is a new one letting me know that someone is praying for us-I work from home so I check my email constantly so thats alot of loving!!!
  • my bestest friend for contacting her experts and giving me great advice, and OMG I cannot wait for you to be here-soooo excited!!!
  • everyone that is sending me verses that have truly touched my heart and made me strong~ thank you!!! (I'm working on a project for Ben that will include all of those verses-thanks for making my job a lil easier!!)
  • the awesome people at Fellowship that have just wrapped us up in love and support since the moment we found out I have cancer~ together we will beat this and become even more beautiful and stronger because of it!!!
  • the Elders at Fellowship have invited us to the Elders meeting on April 20th so they can pray over us-I'm soooo incredibly honored and excited!!
  • Ben's aunts-oh wow, where do I begin!! I've always loved these ladies so much but WOW!! Bella just slept through an UPS delivery (but I left the package on the doorstep so she can still find it and be all excited and jump around like a silly girl) from Aunt 'Net-can't wait to see what my lil princess gets to wear to church on Easter Sunday:) Aunt Bessie has been my oncology guru (she works at CARTI so I've got it MADE in that corner!!)-she has answered my questions and is sending us a goodie box full of stuff for us to read and ways to help Bella. Aunt Carolyn and Joyce have said they will be here whenever and for however long we need them.
  • the awesome outpouring of love, support and prayers from EVERYONE- my mama chicas (oh how I love you ladies SOOOO much-I seriously will not be able to do this without ya, so thank you for loving me just the way I am and for being in my corner!!!), people I went to school with, Facebook friends, bible study ladies, people I have never even met before and honestly didn't even know existed (LOVE those emails-seriously gives me goosebumps and puts a huge grin on my heart)
  • the amazing fact that Hunter was NOT planned-we were wanting to start TTC again soon but he was a surprise, something we considered a "Nana blessing" since we got pregnant less than 3months after my Nana passed away. Christmas was always her favorite holiday and my due date was Christmas Day!!! We figured Nana had a nice lil chat with God and Hunter came to be:) Now we know it was even bigger and greater than that-a Nana blessing with a big huge dose of God behind it.
  • my babies and my husband-they keep me going, they get me out of bed everyday, they remind me why I'm fighting this, they remind me to thank God even in the midst of everything, and they always always always remind me to smile and then laugh til I nearly pee my pants- I love you with every ounce of my being!! Dangit NOW I'm crying!!!

k gonna go love on my sweet mama since she has been busting her bum all over my house and taking care of my babies so I can get work done before I go on hiatus


  1. Danielle, a friend of a friend of a friend of yours (yes, 3 times removed:)) sent me the link to your blog for several reasons...1) I like to read blogs 2) I love to pray and 3) I have a huge group of prayer warriors in my mom's bible study at Hillside Christian Church in Amarillo, Texas who will be lifting your name to the Lord through this journey. Even though I haven't met you, I know you through Jesus and am proud to call you sister. A passage I often dwell on is from Romans 8--pretty much the whole chapter, but pulling out vs 18 and 28. I look forward to praying with you!

  2. Danielle,
    I am the 11:00 infant coordinator at Fellowship and got here from a link from Windy Hall's blog! Whew - anyway, as soon as I saw y'alls pic I said I know that family!!! I know that baby:) Just wanted you to know you'll be prayed for up here in Bella Vista.
    Melanie Simpson & family