Monday, April 20, 2009

Hunter's Scare

Hunter sustained a mild head injury this morning while we were having lunch at McDonald's. He was in his carrier when a kid ran by and bumped it hard enough to send him flying and he landed on his head. I went into mama bear freak out mode and got both kids in the car and to the ER at NW (made it from McD's on Walnut to NW in less than 10 minutes-gotta love the center turn lane in Arkansas!!!). He checked out ok with the doctors, was responsive but kept going back and forth between screaming at the top of his lungs to being super asleep which kind of scared me but the doctor reassured us that he was fine and that we needed to keep a very close eye on him for the next few days. UGH scary!!! I think my heart is still beating fast.

We will be going to the Elders' Meeting at church tonight where they will pray over us and anoint me with oil-very excited about this!!! Please pray that God's plan does not include any more stress for the remainder of this week.... they might just have to pull out the straight jacket for me:)

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  1. Man it does start to get a little comical when the hits keep coming! BUT HE is faithful through ALL. Each moment is a gift... So excited for you and the prayers coming from the Elders!! I hope the blessings in this valley out weigh the pain and fears. We are praying for endurance for you and your family to run this race!