Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beautiful Week

All in all, despite all the craziness, we really had a beautiful week. It was a LOOOOONG one-seemed like Thursday would never get here, and I didn't get to do HALF the stuff I had planned to do with Bella and Hunter for Easter (no bunny pics!!!) but we survived and are going strong!

My Aunt Stacy and cousin Jessica (aka Jessafern) came down for spring break and brought all kinds of awesome cervical cancer awareness goodies, as well as some AWESOME shirts...

Stacy's shirt says, "This is not my niece who has cancer. This is my niece Danielle, the Cancer Warrior"

My cancer warrior hat and shirt, and cervical cancer awareness angel pin

Jessafern's shirt says, "This is not my cousin Danielle who has cancer. This is my cousin Danielle, the Cancer Warrior"
We all wore our cancer getup (along with Ben in his "Cancer Sucks" shirt) to Maria's for dinner!

k so my pictures are out of order.... Saturday we had Easter at my mom's....
Bella hunting with her frilly princess basket from Nana

Gotta be fast-those eggs might get away from ya!!!

Playing with her Go Fishing game from Nana (I had one of those when IIIII was little LOL)

Hunter with his Easter bunny

Checking out her goodies with Trace
Thursday morning we decided to go for a FUN morning (and comic relief) at the Wild Wilderness Drive Thru Safari in Gentry. It was an awesome morning-pouring down rain when we left the house, sprinkling as we drove thru the safari and then completely stopped raining and beautiful skies when it was time for the petting zoo part. God DOES answer prayers (even if they are "God, please give us a beautiful morning so my baby can have fun with goats chasing her around" LOL)

She fell in love with one particular baby goat and chased it all over

Hunter checking out the crazy birds

Crazy bird attacking my window!!!


Beautiful peacock
I'll post all the pictures from Easter and Safari on the family blog


  1. Pickle,
    Sure had a wonderful Easter Saturday with all my family around. I love my grandkids and Bella had a blast. What a wonderful family we have and we will be here with you through this whole thing.
    Love ya - Mom

  2. Love the shirts! I tried to comment on them when you posted to facebook, but facebook was being fickle. Looks like you had lots of fun at the safari as well.