Sunday, April 26, 2009

Praise & Adios

Giving HUGE praises to God for bringing all the awesome people into our lives over the past few weeks that have really touched our hearts and kept us going:

  • Our Mamas-we couldn't have gotten this far without either of you (and your wonderful dish washing, laundry folding, baby feeding, Bella entertaining, all around awesome Mom-ness!!!)
  • Our Family-thank you for surrounding us with your love, support and prayers!!! We are SOOOOO blessed!!!
  • The Aunts-Stacy & Jessafern for the awesome Cancer Warrior Goodies (I'm wearing my shirt on Tuesday!), Annette, Bessie & Betty for making the trip up here to be with the monkeys on surgery day, and Carolyn & Joyce for all the fun I know we'll have in the aftermath (ok so I might be a drugged up bed sloth but at least I'll know that my kiddos are getting all kinds of love)
  • Fellowship Elders-for rallying the troops and all of your amazing blessings-especially being anointed and prayed over (THAT was overwhelmingly awesome!!!)
  • Kelly B-for being God's beautiful servant and performing miracles (90 meals in 24 hours-the chica has God in her pocket!!!), and for all your sweet emails
  • For everyone that has brought DELICIOUS meals to our family-we have gone to bed every night with tummies full of scrumptious meals and gotten to meet some really great people!!
  • For Ms. Kathy, all her love and wisdom, and bringing us together to share this journey that we never imagined we'd be on-love ya beautiful lady and I KNOW we're gonna do some MAJOR cancer conquering this week!!
  • For all the complete strangers that have wrapped us up in some BIG BIG BIG love and prayers-I hope one day we can have a big BBQ and all our families can meet and rejoice:)
  • For giving me the absolutely, top notch, no one else could ever even attempt to come close, wonderful husband!!! Thank you for being my rock and keeping this fort going!! Thanks for being YOU
  • To my sweet babies, I'm gonna miss ya like crazy this week but Mama will be back on that floor playing and chasing you outside before ya know it:) I can't wait!!!!

I get to have a fun day in the bathroom tomorrow so I'm guessing I won't be on again before surgery. I've got an email for Ben to send out to everyone after my surgery is done to let you know that everything went just PERFECT:) If you haven't received emails from me before (I think everyone on the email list previously received the "PET Scan Results" email) and would like to be included in that email, please send me an email to before Monday afternoon and I'll get ya squeezed in there:) Thank you everybody that reads this and keeps me going-I'm glad I'm getting to share this journey with you even if its not nearly over.

Surgery is scheduled for 7:30am (CT) on Tuesday at Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville. We get to arrive at 5am (not sure if I'll even attempt to sleep Monday night). Surgery is expected to last 3-4 hours. Everyone will be on the 2nd floor if you would like to visit with Ben or our family (kiddos will be at home). I'm guessing I won't be able to have visitors til later that afternoon or evening-just check with the nurses on the 2nd floor and they should be able to tell you. I'm hoping to escape on Thursday:) (My drill sergeant mom will be there having me walk the halls before the anesthesia even wears off so I'm pumped to get back in my own bed with my little people ASAP!!)

Love ya and adios for now!


  1. Give a look, You can sign up for a daily devotional that is so helpful in your cancer journey. I finished treatment for breast cancer 10 months ago and still look forward to the devotional.

  2. Prayers for an uneventful surgery and speedy recovery. I had a hysterectomy at WRMC last summer, and the nurses are WONDERFUL. I'll tell them to take extra good care of you!

  3. You and your family are in my prayers, Danielle!! Good luck tomorrow! I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight.

  4. Maybe you shouldn't have a title with adios, good bye, etc. I was thinking these were your last wishes and my mind was racing as I teared up. Just a thought--will be praying for you as I wait for an update.

  5. Started reading having hopped over from Kelly's Korner via Bring the Rain/Audrey Caroline. YOU ARE ONE AMAZING LADY!!! I knew your surgery was upcoming, but didn't realize it had been this week. Praying and BELIEVING in our mighty God's healing power. You have already honored him in your diagnosis and you continue to do so I HAVE NO DOUBT in this recuperation.

  6. Quick update from Mom - Danielle had her surgery Tuesday and is back at home as of this afternoon, Friday, 5-1-09. Everything went well and her path showed no further malignancy. She will follow up with the radiology oncologist in the next few weeks just to verify any further treatment plan. She has been a trooper all week. She is a remarkable and strong young woman - more than anything she is glad to be at home with her babies and husband. I'm sure she will be blogging away in the next few days. Thanks to everyone for all of their help and all you have done for her and her family over the past 3 weeks. They are very blessed to have wonderful people in their lives.
    Robin - Danielle's Mom - 5-1-09

  7. Tiffany (neon from the pregnancy board)May 2, 2009 at 8:47 AM

    Prayers for a speedy recovery!